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Hainer: “The team is not untrainable”

Herbert Hainer (69) believes that FC Bayern will draw the right conclusions from the separation from coach Thomas Tuchel

Herbert Hainer has now been president of FC Bayern for just over four years and missed the separation from Niko Kovac by less than two weeks in November 2019, otherwise the former Adidas CEO would have seen four different coaches in Munich by now.

Hansi Flick is long gone, as is Julian Nagelsmann, and Thomas Tuchel will follow in the summer – even if he wins the championship and the Champions League by then. “That doesn’t necessarily speak in our favor,” says Hainer. “That’s not what we want either; we want to work with a coach again in the long term. We will now consider and analyze this very carefully and then hopefully find the right point.”

On Saturday evening, after the last-minute win against Leipzig, the president spoke at length about the past few days and the days ahead. “If FC Bayern loses three times in a row, then we all have to question ourselves,” said the 69-year-old, for example. “The team, the coach, us in the management. We do that too, there’s no question about it. That’s not our claim.” But Hainer is certain: “We will draw the right analyses and conclusions and do the right thing.”

Bayern bosses also believed they had done the right thing less than a year ago when they sacked Nagelsmann and introduced Tuchel shortly afterwards. But even the former Champions League winner with Chelsea FC was unable to get Bayern back on track in the long term. “Thomas has said himself that he is not satisfied with the development,” said Hainer. “At the end of the day, we sit down together, in this case with Thomas too, and ask: What happened? Why can’t things continue? And what is best for FC Bayern in the future? And then we just made the decision. “

Tuchel himself had stressed before the game that he was “not the only problem” at FC Bayern, but at least did not criticize his players publicly. “The team is not untrainable,” Hainer believes. “We won six titles in 2020. You can’t expect us to win the German championship and the Champions League every year. There are a lot of good European teams that can compete with us. But that’s also why we reacted, because we’re not satisfied. And of course we have to sit down at the end of the season and analyze what’s going on and why we’re not playing so well.”

The president did not rule out a change in the team, but – as sporting director Christoph Freund later emphasized – he wants to wait until the end of the season. “Then a sensible analysis is best and most necessary. And then we will put everything on the table and decide how to proceed. “



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