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Guirassy with a full battery

The many fans at the public training sessions were happy to see him. Stuttgart’s goal scorer was pleased to be able to leave his suitcase in the cellar. Serhou Guirassy was not called up to Guinea’s national team during this lay-off period and was allowed to recharge his batteries instead.

Star striker Serhou Guirassy was released for the inconsequential international friendly matches in Saudi Arabia against the national teams of Vanatu, which Guinea won 6-0 against the South Pacific island nation, and against Bermuda (5-1). Instead, the 28-year-old, who has scored 22 goals in 20 Bundesliga games, was allowed to recharge his batteries in Stuttgart.

Which, according to Sebastian Hoeneß, he did. Guirassy told the head coach of the third-placed team “that he hasn’t had the opportunity to spend three or four days with his family during a season for ages. That’s why I’m sure it did him good.” As the cherry on the cake, the attacker, who was born in Arles, France, was also given Thursday as another day off by his boss after two training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Guirassy “brings a high level “

Hoeneß is full of praise for the league’s second-highest scorer behind Bayern’s Harry Kane, who has scored an impressive 31 goals in 26 Bundesliga appearances. “Serhou is a very ambitious player and sets high standards for himself, but also for his teammates,” says the 41-year-old. “That’s something we need.”

The fact that Guirassy’s ambition sometimes gets him into trouble and he loudly reprimands and shakes up his teammates with gestures when he doesn’t like something is not a major problem. “It’s good that there’s someone there who maintains a certain amount of tension. Of course, he always has to be measured against that. Also by what he himself exemplifies. But he brings a high level to the table. “

When asked whether he had noticed any changes in the striker, who has been promoted to the Bundesliga Olympus this season, Hoeneß had to pass. “I wouldn’t have noticed anything. I can’t say that. I know that he is still very ambitious, ambitious, demanding. In a good way.” And if Guirassy has vented his anger in one situation or another, then it was “within reason. If there’s a bit of friction in training, there’s nothing wrong with that. It just has to stay within limits, in a respectful way. It must always be clear that it’s about the cause. It’s about winning games”.

In this respect, the goalscorer has done more than enough for VfB, who are on course to secure a place in international business this season, perhaps even in the Champions League.



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