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Goretzka: “They wanted to show who’s boss here”

FC Bayern experienced another unusual Champions League match against Galatasaray – with different perceptions

For Leon Goretzka, the working day on Wednesday began with a short walk, as usual. Only two details changed when the FC Bayern midfielder stepped onto the Allianz Arena pitch shortly before 8pm: the reception and his reaction.

With a broad grin, almost a laugh, Goretzka accepted the loud whistles that he had missed two weeks ago in Istanbul due to injury. “I was a bit startled,” he admitted later, “because I didn’t expect it to be so blatant when we went out before the game. That’s when the first whistling started.”

Normally, a manageable corner in the upper tier of the stadium is reserved for opposing fans in Munich-Fröttmaning, but the Galatasaray fans, who had already conquered Marienplatz in the afternoon, spread out all around the stadium instead. With the exception of the South Curve, which as always was completely drenched in red, Gala fan chants – or whistles – could be heard from every corner.

“It’s simply amazing how Turkish fans support their team,” praised Goretzka, while team-mate Thomas Müller seemed a little less impressed: “It actually went well,” said the veteran when asked whether it felt like an away game for once. “I wasn’t out there for the warm-up, but Josh said it was a bit more extreme. I almost expected there to be even more going on.”

Goretzka, on the other hand, thought the atmosphere was “awesome”, especially after around an hour when Galatasaray scored the supposed opening goal through Lucas Torreira and the atmosphere became much more heated. “Our fans also put up a good fight. You really noticed that. They wanted to show who was boss here. That was great fun.” And so was the victory in the end



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