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Gasly annoyed: What needs to change at Alpine for 2024

What bothers Pierre Gasly at Alpine, what caused new anger at the Formula 1 finale in Abu Dhabi and how he envisages 2024

The controversial 2023 Formula 1 season from Alpine’s point of view did not end without new controversy at the finale in Abu Dhabi: The team brought Esteban Ocon in for a pit stop before Pierre Gasly, which is why the positions on the track were reversed. Much to the annoyance of Gasly, who was already raging during the race and said afterwards: “That simply shouldn’t happen. “

He had “no idea” how the team came up with the idea of asking the car that was worse on the track to change tires first. “Because the car in front always has priority,” says Gasly. “So we will certainly discuss this and learn from it so that it doesn’t happen again.”

Ocon, on the other hand, seems to have no interest in a reappraisal. “Honestly, I don’t care,” he says when asked how he experienced the situation. “It’s more important for us to understand what happened this year. Because we’ve had a pretty big dip in form. “

A lack of consistency in Alpine’s midfield

On the way to sixth place in the Formula 1 constructors’ championship, both Alpine drivers were on the podium at times and were usually candidates for points, but in some cases “not able to finish in the points under their own steam”, says Ocon. In the final race in Abu Dhabi, for example, the French team failed to score any points. “So we clearly need better consistency.”

“We took good opportunities, like in Monaco or Las Vegas, but we didn’t take advantage of others, like in Singapore or Austin. Otherwise we could have been in the top 10 of the drivers’ standings,” says Ocon.

His conclusion: “We haven’t made the most of our opportunities this year. We have to get to grips with all of that for 2024.” He has nothing to say about the tense team duel with Gasly – the Alpine drivers clashed several times on the track in 2023 – and “won’t comment” when asked.

Gasly sees a “better basis” at Alpine for 2024

Gasly also sidesteps this issue in his review of a “difficult season” for Alpine. His main criticism: “We weren’t as fast as expected. We had expected to be able to fight for better positions.”

“On the other hand, however, I am very happy with the teamwork. It was my first year at Alpine and I didn’t know how the team worked before Bahrain, I had a new car. It takes some time to find your feet in a new environment.”

“But when I look back, I feel much more comfortable with the way things work now. And I’m really happy with how things have developed during the season. I am confident that we will start next year with a better foundation. “



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