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gamescomLAN: Open ticket sales have started

The starting signal for open ticket sales for gamescomLAN has been given. Tickets are freely available in three categories – the fourth is limited to codes from influencers

From March 15 to 17, 2024, gamescomLAN will take place in Cologne for the first time. Ticket sales opened on Monday for all interested parties. Tickets are available in three categories – in addition to a limited edition. This is only available by invitation from an influencer.

However, anyone who receives such a code will pay 129 euros like everyone else. Both categories include a place for your own computer, a chair, electricity, internet and access to the relaxation hall. The only difference is that the “Creator Community Tickets” offer a “strictly limited place” in the row of the inviting influencer. Participants in this program include Amar, BONJWA, BIG Clan, Dilara, FOKUS with Elias Nerlich, Honeypuu, MckyTV, Maxim with HandOfBlood, Noway, Reved, the Rocket Beans around Nils Bomhoff, Rumathra and SkylineTV.

VIP upgrade with equipment on site

Those who do not want to or cannot bring their own PC will have the option of a VIP seating upgrade at a later date – for 220 euros. However, these seats are limited to 150 tickets. The VIP seating areas would be equipped with a “high-end gaming PC from MIFCOM”, a “gaming monitor from AGON By AOC” including “peripherals from CHERRY XTRFY” and a gaming chair from Backforce.

Another LAN event, Dreamhack, will be starting this year. If you want to play there like at the gamescomLAN, you pay 109 euros – with technical equipment it’s 149 euros. However, there are also tickets for all those who just want to stroll around the trade fair. A day ticket costs 25 euros, 45 euros for both days of the event. Dreamhack will take place from December 14 to 16 in Hanover.



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