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Formula 1 weather 2024: The current forecast for the Japan Grand Prix

The current weather forecast for the fourth race weekend of the 2024 Formula 1 season at the Suzuka International Racing Course

There are crucial questions on every Formula 1 2024 race weekend: What is the weather forecast? Can we expect a wet track on site? Do we need intermediates or even rain tires? Or will it simply remain consistently dry from practice through qualifying to the race and dry tires will suffice? In short: What do the drivers around Nico Hülkenberg, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have to be prepared for?

In order to answer these questions, our editors keep a close eye on the weather at the Formula 1 venues a few days before the start of the tests or race weekends. And as the event progresses, this preview article is constantly updated with new weather information such as temperature in degrees Celsius, wind strength, cloud cover and expected precipitation for the individual days of each weekend.

The result is the most accurate weather forecast possible for the respective Grands Prix of the 2024 Formula 1 season. However, all information is subject to change, as some motorsport venues such as Spa-Francorchamps or the Nürburgring are known for having particularly changeable weather that cannot always be accurately forecast. Precipitation can also occur there without warning.

Formula 1 next takes to the track in Suzuka from April 5 to 7 for the Japan Grand Prix, the fourth race of the year.

The current weather forecast for the race weekend in Suzuka:

On its traditional date in the fall, the Japanese Grand Prix has often been notorious in the past for its adverse weather conditions, with heavy rainfall in some cases. This is not to be expected at this weekend’s first event in spring. Instead, the weather in Suzuka is expected to be early summer. The forecast in detail.

Friday (April 5) starts sunny, but more and more clouds will gather in the course of the morning. It will be very cloudy in the afternoon. Isolated raindrops cannot be ruled out, but most weather models assume that these will only fall in the early evening after the end of the second free practice session.

Temperatures will reach a maximum of 16 degrees. The wind will blow from variable directions, but will be light with an average of 10 km/h, gusting up to 20 km/h, and will therefore have no influence on the sporting action.

The sun will shine all day on Saturday (April 6), with only a few harmless clouds scattered across the sky. Rain is not expected. The thermometer will climb to around 17 degrees Celsius. The wind will continue to drop compared to the previous day and will only reach speeds of around 15 km/h, even in gusts.

Sunday (April 7) will also be a sunny day with only a few clouds. Rain is only forecast for the evening and thus after the end of the race. With a high of 19 degrees Celsius, it will be slightly warmer than on the previous days.

The wind is freshening up a little compared to Saturday and is blowing from the south at an average of 15 km/h, with gusts of up to 30 km/h, so there will be a crosswind from the left or right almost the entire route

The forecast for the next race in Shanghai

A precise weather forecast for the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai (April 19-21) is not yet possible. The long-term forecast currently assumes maximum daily temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius and only a slight tendency towards precipitation. However, this forecast is subject to uncertainties. An exact forecast will follow here at the beginning of the race week



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