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FC 24: Server maintenance at an inopportune time – EA SPORTS receives even more criticism

EA SPORTS is responding to the ongoing server problems of the last few days and is currently carrying out maintenance in FC 24. However, the timing has caused new anger within the FUT community

The reasons for the massive server problems of the past few days are multi-layered: On the one hand, the improved rewards during the TOTS promo, on the other hand, the additional player base due to the free inclusion of FC 24 in PlayStation Plus. Now EA SPORTS is taking action against the many disconnections and started a maintenance in FC 24 on Wednesday morning, which is to last until 2 p.m. – FUT fans were not very happy about the timing.

At 6 a.m., the developer announced that work would begin at 8 a.m. – but the match creation downtime began at 7.30 a.m. The catch: FUT Champions, the so-called Weekend League, had not yet finished. This week’s edition didn’t finish until 9am. EA SPORTS therefore shortened the competition by an hour and a half. Voices quickly gathered under the X-Post on maintenance from players who had their finish spoiled:

Great contrast to the map blessing for fast players

“I still had one game left and only had to win once more to make it eleven wins. That’s annoying,” commented user ‘A7sats’. The FUT Champions rewards get significantly better when you reach the eleven-win mark. “People who complete the Weekend League early get Mbappé, Dembelé and Zaire-Emery. But people who complete the Weekend League late get interrupted? That’s really wild, EA,” said user ‘LouisUridel’ in reference to the FUT scandal at the weekend.

Some X accounts questioned why EA SPORTS didn’t simply carry out the maintenance two hours later. Others were bothered by the short notice, which caused additional time pressure for many players. It is remarkable that the developer is currently being caught in the verbal crossfire even with supposedly well-intentioned repair attempts. Recently, there have even been calls for a boycott, boycottEA can also be found under the latest X-Post.



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