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FC 24: How do the console generations differ?

The complete release of EA SPORTS FC 24 is imminent. Like FIFA 23 there are differences between the versions for Old and Current Gen. What do they look like?

The technical possibilities of the current flagships from Microsoft and Sony are considerable – and significantly greater than those of their predecessors. PlayStation 5, Xbox XS and also the PC outstrip the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of storage speed, for example. After all, all current-gen consoles and almost every computer have fast SSD storage, which significantly shortens loading times. This is also the case in FC 24. However, there are also differences on the software side. Three central mechanics are missing in the old-gen version.

Hypermotion V and PlayStyles are not included

Hypermotion V kicks things off. The new capture technology makes it possible to animate even more realistic movement sequences and to continuously expand these animations. This is especially beneficial for players with individual body types and movements. Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappé, Cristiano Ronaldo: they all move more smoothly on PlayStation 5, Xbox XS and PC and are thus better than on older hardware.

Old-gen users will also have to do without AcceleRATE 2.0. The update of the sprint types newly introduced in FIFA 23 expands the spectrum from three to seven acceleration styles. In the previous edition, the feature was only available on the latest consoles and changed the game massively – which is why many virtual professionals were only serious alternatives for the starting eleven on one of the generations.

A similar development is now likely to take place in FC 24. Because last but not least, the new PlayStyles are also exclusive to Current Gen. The PlayStyles are preparing to be as influential as the new Sprint types were last year. A good PlayStyle, at best in its + variant, can turn an average player into a secret weapon.

So once again, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have to line up behind their successors and are unlikely to offer much progress in terms of gameplay.



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