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FC 24: eCL winner ‘Jonny’ chooses meta-monster Drogba as SBC card

Jonas Wirth was allowed to choose the icon for a new SBC card in FC 24 on the occasion of the eChampions League triumph. Unsurprisingly, his choice fell on Didier Drogba – his virtual guarantor of victory.

Two goals in the semi-final against Matias Bonanno (3-2), two goals and an assist in the final against Levy Finn Rieck (5-2): Didier Drogba’s Golazo card became the most important virtual attacking player on Wirth’s way to the eChampions League title. Generally speaking, the Ivorian legend’s FUT object dominated the premier class in FC 24 with its almost unstoppable quality in the air. So it’s no wonder that ‘Jonny’ recently opted for Drogba again.

As an eChampions League winner, the Paderborn native was entitled to choose an icon to receive a new and improved special card for FUT. This form of reward was implemented for the first time last year, when the selection of Emre Yilmaz caused an uproar. The Dutchman had officially chosen Kaka, who was invited as a star guest for the broadcast of the final of the virtual premier league. Numerous fans therefore suspected that EA SPORTS rather than Yilmaz had decided

New level for the digital header monster?

This year’s equivalent was Ruud Gullit, who accompanied the final livestream not only as a former world-class footballer but also as an eSports team owner (Team Gullit). Accordingly, many viewers predicted that ‘Jonny’ would choose the Oranje legend. However, the new special card goes to multiple eCL match winner Drogba, who could become even more of a meta-monster in FC 24 than he already was and is.

Compared to the Golazo version, the fresh item receives an additional point for the overall rating (95 instead of 94). Pace and pass increase by two points, the other basic attributes by one each. Among the individual values, header accuracy, finishing, jumping power and strength stand out – all with a maximum rating of 99. In addition, in the eCL version, the PlayStyle+ “Technique” joins the two “Power Shot+” and “In the Air+” already available on the Golazo card.

Too meta, too expensive: Criticism of choice, item and SBC

However, the announcement of the Drogba item was not met with too much enthusiasm within the FUT community. The choice of ‘Jonny’ is too meta-oriented, according to many comments under the corresponding X-Post. In addition, some fans consider the associated SBC, which can be used to unlock the special card, to be too expensive. According to FUTBIN, the price of the exchange challenge is currently just under 800,000 coins – provided all the required items are purchased.

Since the equally strong Golazo card Drogbas is already available for around 240,000 coins, the eCL SBC is hardly worth it in view of the rather manageable upgrades. Earlier leaks had claimed that ‘Jonny’ had opted for Samuel Eto’o as an improved icon object. The reaction of X users suggests that many FUT players would have preferred the Cameroonian. After all, he has only received a single card in FC 24, which is much less tailored to the meta



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