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F1 24: Use this trick to fix the two-player career

The two-player career in F1 24 is currently causing frustration for some players. When entering the session, the game often freezes – but there’s a trick to prevent this

The launch of F1 24 was not without its problems. The latest installment in the series provided the community with one controversial topic in particular: the driving physics. Some liked it, others downright despised it. Codemasters and EA SPORTS reacted to the diverse opinions and recently brought out a patch – it is not yet clear whether this will lead to harmony.

However, the driving physics are not the only construction site that needs to be closed. A look at EA’s official forum reveals that many other problems are known – one of which concerns the two-player career

Frustration when starting a co-op career

If you want to race against each other or with each other on PC or cross-platform on PC and console, this can lead to frustration. This is because PC players are often unable to access the track and the game freezes after navigating to the “Two-player career” sub-item.

An entry in the publisher’s official forum reveals that the developers have recognized the problem. However, it is unclear in which patch it will be fixed. Until then, the error can be circumvented with a workaround. All you have to do is make two changes in the graphics settings. Firstly, switch from full screen to windowed mode and secondly, reduce the FPS to 45. You can then enter the session in the two-player career, after which you can change the settings again.

As described, it is not yet clear when the bug will actually be fixed by a patch. Although the developer and publisher have announced an update, the problem with the two-player career is not mentioned in it. In the single player, however, the speed rating is prevented from dropping rapidly unless you complete the fastest lap.

Incorrect tire selection for all cars and unexpected deactivation of the ERS should also be a thing of the past. Finally, the Casual Settings Filter would no longer try to set the Quick Weather to Clear



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