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Durant Backs LeBron James’ Move to LA Lakers

It was one of the most talked about subjects in NBA for a long time – where would LeBron James be playing at the start of the new season? The rumours had started long before LeBron’s decision was announced with some fans surprised that James would make the move to LA. In the lead up to the move to Lakers, James dropped some heavy hints that his decision would be made with his family’s best interests as the leading factor.

KD says he ‘Loved it’ in response to James’ decision to move to Lakers

One person who doesn’t doubt whether James made the right move is his friend and long-time on-court rival, Kevin Durant. In a recent interview, Durant discusses LeBron James’ decision: “I loved it. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was the perfect decision, the perfect move, did everything he was supposed to do in Cleveland.”

LeBron James move changes expectations for superstars

Durant also reflected on how the move changes the expectations for NBA stars to stay on one team and breaks down barriers. The two players know each other well, having been All-Star teammates and having faced each other in plenty of Finals. For the first time ever, James and Durant will be lining up in the same conference. Durant has enjoyed some very successful seasons in the Western Conference, where he has helped Golden State Warriors win the NBA Championship for the last two years.

Can LA Lakers compete at the top now?

LeBron James will now strengthen the Lakers team that finished in the bottom half of the Western Conference table for the last five seasons. James will be expected to improve their standings but without another star alongside him, fans should not expect miracles when the season starts. Durant’s Golden State Warriors are looking as strong as ever with Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant ensuring that LeBron’s Cavs had no chance in the recent Finals.

Durant vs McCollum Twitter Feud

Durant and CJ McCollum have become embroiled in a feud after a CJ McCollum twitter post stating that Durant was ‘soft’ for deciding to go to the Golden State Warriors. The Kevin Durant tweet from McCollum has gained a lot of media attention and Durant his hit back by calling McCollum a ‘snake in the grass’. This story sounds like it could have a few more chapters in it!



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