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Due to quality concerns: UFL postponed to 2023

The football simulation UFL was supposed to be released this year. The upcoming release has now been postponed to 2023 by developer Strikerz Inc.

In a special edition of the development updates published on 30 August, Strikerz CEO Eugene Nashilov first thanks the community for their support. The reactions after the release of the first gameplay trailer were overwhelming.

“We need more time to complete the development. “

The development is technologically complex, however: “We need to simulate a whole range of mechanics and techniques, including realistic animations, world-class players and much more,” Nashilov said. That’s why the release is being delayed to 2023, he said.

The Strikerz CEO also points out in the video update that many expected a longer development period and says: “You were right.” UFL is currently about 80 percent complete, “we need more time to finish development.” More info and a release date are to follow in December 2022. Nashilov emphasises that the studio wants to continue to communicate fairly and openly with the community, which is why there was no press release about the postponement, but rather an entire video.

Until UFL is released, further updates on the content and current status of the football simulation will be shown regularly. In addition, Q&A sessions with the developers are planned, as well as the chance to play UFL before release.



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