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David Sanchez & McLaren: Parting ways after just three months!

High hopes were pinned on Ferrari’s David Sanchez, but after just three months he has already left the McLaren team

The collaboration between McLaren and former Ferrari engineer David Sanchez lasted just three months, but now he has already left the Formula 1 team. As the racing team confirmed on Tuesday, McLaren is once again reorganizing its technical management structure

Sanchez, who came from Ferrari, was announced last year as a new signing for the 2024 Formula 1 season and, after taking some time out, only took up his new role as the person responsible for the vehicle concept in January. Just a few weeks later, however, he is already leaving the team.

“After in-depth discussions between David Sanchez and the team management, the mutual decision was made for David to leave the team,” confirmed Team Principal Andrea Stella.

Apparently, differences of opinion about Sanchez’s new job at McLaren were the reason for the separation.

“During our joint deliberations, it became clear that the role, responsibilities and ambitions associated with David’s position were not in line with our original expectations when he agreed to join us in February 2023,” explains Stella.

“Recognizing this discrepancy, David and I agreed that it would be best to part ways now so that he can pursue other opportunities that better showcase the full and breadth of his remarkable skills.”

“We greatly appreciate the contributions David has made during his relatively short time with us and wish him the best in his future endeavors,” said the team boss.

Sanchez also confirms the reasons with his parting words: “Although the role we envisioned and agreed upon did not match the reality of the position I found, I leave the company with respect for the leadership, admiration for the dedication of my colleagues and appreciation for the openness and honesty with which we discussed and made this decision,” he says.

“I wish this team continued success on its journey to the top of the field, where it belongs. I’m looking forward to my next challenge in Formula 1.”

It is currently not known where Sanchez will be moving to.

Sanchez’s departure means that the technical structure at McLaren will have to be changed again. Head of Engineering Rob Marshall will now act as Chief Designer, with Neil Houdley taking on the role of Head of Engineering.

Peter Prodromou will remain as Head of Aerodynamics, while Team Principal Andrea Stella will take care of the Concept and Performance department vacated by Sanchez on an interim basis until a suitable successor is found.

“This further step in the development of the structure of the Technical Department and the working model within the team demonstrates our commitment to constantly improving our technical capabilities and workflows for greater efficiency and effectiveness,” emphasizes Stella.



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