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Criticism of Rubiales after kiss at award ceremony: “A form of sexual violence”.

Spain’s federation president Luis Rubiales is facing criticism after kissing Jenni Hermoso on the mouth during the award ceremony. The national player has now come to his defence, contrary to her previous statements.

The pictures were clear: At Spain’s award ceremony after winning the World Cup final against England (1:0), Rubiales not only hugged Jenni, but pressed a kiss on her cheek and lips. This led to indignation in the classical and social media – and not only there.

The Spanish Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, joined the debate. “This is a form of sexual violence,” she wrote on Twitter/X. She said that one should “not assume that kissing without consent is something that ‘happens’. Only a yes is a yes.” The daily El Pais commented, “It is 2023, these gestures are not justifiable.” Such a kiss on the mouth was “an aggression”.

The former German national player Tabea Kemme also found clear words: “I wish that the people who are responsible for the psychological abuse of power in the Spanish federation would be taken out of the system and sanctioned,” she demanded in her column at “”.

And Jenni herself did not at all agree with Rubiales’ cross-border behaviour immediately after the incident: “I didn’t like it,” the 33-year-old offensive player said later when asked about the scene.

Jenni: “Don’t pay too much attention “

But with a few hours’ distance, Jenni changed her mind and defended her federation president – for whatever reason: “It was a completely spontaneous reciprocal gesture due to the great joy of winning a World Cup,” she shared.

Jenni’s statement was circulated by the Spanish federation RFEF. In it, the 33-year-old striker of Mexican club Pachuca added: “The ‘presi’ and I have a great relationship. His behaviour towards all of us was excellent and it was a natural gesture of affection and gratitude.” Jenni said that “too much attention should not be paid to this” and, above all, that he should not be “distracted” by winning the World Cup title.

But it seems doubtful whether this will put an end to the issue: “We all think: if they do this in front of the whole of Spain, what won’t they do in private?” the Spanish Minister for Social Rights, Ione Belarra, asked about this on Twitter/X: “Sexual violence against women must come to an end. “

Rubiales insults critics: “There are idiots everywhere “

Rubiales himself also spoke out on the newly crowned world champion’s departure from Australia – and chose drastic words towards his critics: “The kiss with Jenni? There are idiots everywhere. When two people share an unimportant gesture of mutual affection, you can’t pay attention to the crap that’s being said,” he said on his way to the airport in Sydney.



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