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Crash with announcement: Server debacle in FC 24 was feared

Once again, FUT players in EA SPORTS FC 24 are affected by server problems. The chain of errors continues, even though the problems have been looming for a long time

Improved rewards, many new special cards every week. With the Team of the Season (TOTS), FC 24’s Football Ultimate Team (FUT) was set to reach a new peak. The top was also reached, but not in a positive sense.

The only thing that reached its peak was the frustration and anger of the players in FUT mode. The reasons? There are many. Firstly, the servers – a problem that was already feared by the community

Losses due to disconnections

Almost ten days ago, the servers went on strike at the weekend. Anyone who started a game not only received a disconnect, but also a defeat. This was particularly annoying for those who entered the Weekend League with the aim of achieving a high rank – and thus getting good rewards.

While those affected gave vent to their anger on social media, other users expressed concerns or a premonition. After all, the servers went down just a few days before the game was released on PS Plus Essential. “If there are already problems now, what will it be like when new players join and can download the game for free?” was a frequently asked question.

Ultimately, the community’s concerns proved to be true. There have also been server problems in recent days. In rare cases, there were even disconnections when a player wanted to give up a game. As a result, both the losing player and the player with the disconnect suffered a defeat. What’s more, some players were annoyed at receiving a disconnect, including a loss, even after the final whistle of a game they had won

Icon player pick with wrong version

As if that wasn’t enough, the Squad Building Challenges (SBC) are not free of errors either. For example, the 88+ icon pick incorrectly gave out a basic icon as a reward. EA SPORTS reacted to the mishap and temporarily removed the SBC. “Players who have fully completed the SBC will be contacted in-game in the coming days. All those who started the SBC but did not complete it will be able to continue once they have made progress,” it says on the X channel ‘EA SPORTS FC Direct Communication’.

However, users don’t seem particularly happy about this. Rather, ‘Messi-Gate 2.0’ still prevails in the comments section. After the release of the Ligue 1 TOTS for Kylian Mbappé, an error in the FUT Champs Rewards made it possible to draw this extremely rare and expensive card in batches. The same applied to the slightly cheaper and less rare Ousmane Dembelé and Warren Zaire-Emery.

Since the error was corrected at 4 a.m. German time on Saturday, parts of the FC 24 community gained a considerable advantage.



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