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Bruno Famin: Esteban Ocon’s fears are unfounded

No equal treatment at Alpine? Esteban Ocon expressed doubts after the Canadian Grand Prix, but team principal Bruno Famin continues to give him his full support

Alpine has reassured Esteban Ocon that he will be treated equally to Pierre Gasly for the remainder of the Formula 1 season, despite another disagreement in their relationship over the weekend

After the Canadian Grand Prix, Ocon was annoyed that after giving Gasly a place to see if he could attack Daniel Ricciardo, he did not get the place back before the chequered flag – contrary to internal team agreements.

“I did my part of the job – the team didn’t,” said the Frenchman. “It’s not fair as far as this race is concerned. So I’m very frustrated with the way things have gone. I guess there are a lot of reasons for that.”

The latest drama occurred amid the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix accident that led to Ocon’s season-ending retirement. In Canada, he complained that his car had been significantly heavier than his teammate’s for several races.

All this suggests that things do not seem to be ideal between driver and team. However, team boss Bruno Famin insists that Alpine is not doing anything to deliberately hinder Ocon. He has promised him that he will receive as much support as he needs for the rest of the season.

Famin: Will not treat Ocon any differently

When asked how the relationship will develop after Monaco and whether things have calmed down with the decision made about the future, Famin says: “It’s settled, but we had 16 and we now have 15 races to go.”

“I think Esteban can count on the whole team to help him get the best result. Because if Esteban gets the best result, it helps the team to get the best possible result. And we are counting on Esteban to bring everything he can to the team,” emphasizes the Alpine team boss.

“I say it like that, but I shouldn’t, because Esteban is part of the team. The team is made up of everyone in the team: drivers, mechanics, engineers – everyone has to do their bit to achieve the best possible result for the team. “

Ocon and Gasly have “the same status “

Famin therefore makes it clear that Alpine has no interest in sabotaging Ocon’s performance, especially as the team needs every point to improve its position in the constructors’ championship due to its competitiveness.

“We are not going to sideline Esteban at all,” says Famin. “He will have exactly the same conditions as Pierre. They are at the same level, have the same status. We know that they are very close in terms of performance and it would not be good to treat them differently.”

According to Famin, the team’s interest is paramount – but for Ocon too? When asked whether there was any need to worry that Ocon would not think of the team first after his release, as his future lies elsewhere anyway, the team boss replied: “I’m no more worried than before … “



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