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Big fine for Ferrari and BMW after 24h Daytona 2024

For over-performance, BMW and Ferrari are fined – they lose all GTD and GTD Pro manufacturer points

Harsh penalties after the 2024 24 Hours of Daytona in the GT classes: Ferrari and BMW were fined $25,000 each. In addition, both brands lose their points from Daytona both in the overall standings and in the Endurance classification. The result remains unchanged and the drivers and teams also retain their points

The official statement says: “The IMSA Technical Commission and Inspectors unanimously concluded that the performance shown by BMW/Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Daytona exceeded IMSA’s expectations as set by the GT manufacturers’ technical working groups.”

“The aim was to ensure that the performance shown by the best model from each manufacturer was within a certain performance window to ensure a level playing field.”

Since this year, the IMSA has taken a new approach to setting the Balance of Performance (BoP), which is aligned with that of the World Endurance Championship (WEC). The manufacturers set their own expected performance parameters.

The BoP is then determined by subtracting the performance from these windows. In this way, a maximum of 15 percent can be deducted from the power curve compared to the parameters set by the manufacturer in the WEC. The WEC BoP then only shows a value between “P0” (100 percent) and “P15” (85 percent).

Apparently, the performance on the racetrack at Ferrari and BMW in Daytona was above the maximum manufacturer specifications, i.e. more in the P-minus range. This was also evident during the race. The Risi-Ferrari 62 (Serra/Rigon/Pier Guidi) won the GTD Pro in commanding style

His only real rival in the battle for victory was the Paul Miller BMW 77 (Priaulx/Heinrich/Christensen) “Rexy” had no chance against either of them on the track.

In GTD, Ferrari finished second and third behind the victorious Mercedes-AMG. Overall, Ferrari loses 350 points in the GTD Pro and 320 points in GTD for first and second place in the manufacturers’ standings. BMW loses 300 points for third place in GTD Pro and 250 points for sixth place in GTD.

BoP penalties in the IMSA SportsCar Championship cannot be appealed



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