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Between Stuttgart and Barcelona: Nagelsmann’s offensive is in focus

Five offensive stars for four offensive positions. Julian Nagelsmann is once again spoilt for choice at FC Bayern. Knowing that his attack will have to work better against VfB Stuttgart than it has in the past two league games.

Kingsley Coman is out for the time being due to a torn muscle fibre. This means that the Frenchman will not rejoin the team until after the international break and that a place in the starting eleven will be vacant in the attack until then. Serge Gnabry has had to sit on the bench more often recently, so it’s now a chance for him. Thomas Müller and Sadio Mané are set, Leroy Sané recently made three very good games, but is expected to rest on Saturday. Jamal Musiala, on the other hand, who was still out in Milan, is expected to be an option again for the game against VfB Stuttgart, with Leon Goretzka returning to the starting eleven.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann once again has a wide selection in attack, well aware that the Bavarian attack will be in focus after the recent meagre goal haul in the league in the two 1-1 draws against Mönchengladbach and at Union Berlin. This time, however, the coach will also have to take next Tuesday’s game against FC Barcelona into account in his personnel selection and rotations.

Does Nagelsmann hint at his interest in Cristiano Ronaldo?

At any rate, Robert Lewandowski is scoring for the Catalans just as he did in Munich in previous years. The FCB, on the other hand, has not had a real nine since the world footballer’s departure. Coach Nagelsmann, however, would have liked to get such a striker this summer. “There are few nines on the market who have the quality to improve us,” he says with an addendum: “Of course, there have been nines who have been linked with big clubs but have not moved to big clubs. “

Does that sound like Cristiano Ronaldo, who was probably too expensive? Because Nagelsmann pushes afterwards: “If we could have found a top nine for affordable money, we probably would have done it.”

One thing is clear: Bayern did not sign a real nine as an immediate aid – apart from Mathys Tel as a 17-year-old. The solution is: two attackers and more flexibility. Which did not always seem easy when the opponents retreated to their penalty area and barricaded themselves there.



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