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Berlin rump team defeats Heidelberg

Alba Berlin has continued its winning streak in the Basketball Bundesliga. The Berliners, who were shorthanded, won 78:70 (33.30) against the MLP Academics Heidelberg in the Max-Schmeling-Halle on Sunday

For the defending champions it was the fourth win in the fourth game. The best Berlin scorers were Yovel Zoosman with 18 and Christ Koumadje with 14 points. In addition to Maodo Lo, Johannes Thiemann, Jaleen Smith and Marcus Eriksson, who had been missing for some time due to injury, guard Jonas Mattisseck was added to the team after suffering a fractured metacarpal in the Euroleague game in Istanbul on Friday. Captain Luke Sikma also took a break.

Alba had never played together in this formation before, and it was already the third game in five days. Accordingly, the Berliners had a bumpy start. The hosts committed many miscommunications and missed shots against a Heidelberg team that defended very intensively. As a result, only a few baskets were scored in the first half and the game remained evenly balanced.

After the change of ends, more tempo came into the game, but it remained close. Alba was in the lead most of the time, but they could not pull away by more than five points. Heidelberg stayed in it mainly thanks to their distance shots. The hosts, however, were able to increase their lead in the final phase. The decision was made one minute before the end when Zoosman scored to make it 76-67.

Alba Berlin – MLP Academics Heidelberg 78:70 (16:18,17:12,16:18,29:22)
Points Alba Berlin: Zoosman 18, Koumadje 14, Schneider 12, Olinde 8, Wetzell 8, Blatt 6, Lammers 6, Procida 4, Machowski 2
MLP Academics Heidelberg: E. Washington 21, Ugrai 14, Vargas 11, Kesteloot 8, Ely 6, Griffin 4, Davis 3, Herzog 3
Spectators: 7788

BG Göttingen – Rostock Seawolves 92:95 (18:26,28:23,27:20,19:26)

BG Göttingen points: Hammonds 18, Frey 16, Crandall 15, Smith 11, Bess 10, Kamp 10, Pape 10, Giotis 2
Rostock Seawolves: Alston Jr. 23, Mawugbe 16, Nelson 16, Pearson 15, Lewis 9, Roland 6, Gloger 4, Theis 4, De Oliveira 2
Spectators: 2365

medi Bayreuth – Hakro Merlins Crailsheim 99:77 (32:18,22:16,19:24,26:19)
Points medi Bayreuth: Sargiunas 19, Childress 16, Hill 15, Rowe 11, Young 9, Diallo 8, Rich 6, Doreth 5, Bruhnke 3, Grant 3, Nikic 3, Kämpf 1
Hakro Merlins Crailsheim: Lewis 14, Midtgaard 14, Vrcic 12, Livingston Ii 11, Maxhuni 8, Stephens 7, Bleck 5, Kindzeka 3, Mikalauskas 3 Spectators: 2672

MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg – Brose Bamberg 92:78 (25:12,28:28,18:21,21:17)
Points MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg: Dunn 26, Whitehead 18, Bartolo 11, Johnson 11, Hubb 9, Jacob Patrick 6, Edigin 5, Miller 4, Bähre 2
Brose Bamberg: Wright-Foreman 24, Sengfelder 19, Young 9, Chachashvili 7, Heckmann 6, Bell 4, Bohacik 4, Reaves 3, Kariniauskas 2
Spectators: 3705



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