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Because of ground effect cars: China removes bumps ahead of F1 comeback

Preparations for the return of Formula 1 are progressing in Shanghai: large bumps on the track have been removed ahead of the race

The Shanghai International Circuit is preparing for the return of Formula 1 next weekend and has completed some modernization work on the track. The main focus was on bumps, which tend to occur on the circuit due to its location on marshland

However, these are a problem for the latest generation of Formula 1 cars because they have to drive as close to the road as possible due to the ground effect. For this type of Formula 1 car, this is the first Chinese Grand Prix, which was previously on the calendar for the last time in 2019.

After a four-year break due to coronavirus, Shanghai is now back on the calendar for the 2024 season and has to adapt to the new cars. To this end, work has been carried out on several parts of the track to remove bumps. These were identified as a problem after a track inspection by the FIA at the end of last year.

But even if the bumps no longer play a role, the teams in Shanghai still face a major challenge because there is little up-to-date data about the track. In addition, the sprint format means that there is only one free practice session to prepare.

According to Pirelli’s chief engineer Simone Berra, the tire manufacturer is treating China as if it were a completely new event, because of course the 18-inch tires have not yet been used on the track.

“The track has not been used for five years, but only for one race a year or something like that. So it will be very green and quite dirty, although of course it will be cleaned,” he says.

“And we need to understand how the asphalt has changed when we measure it before the race.”

“In the past it was quite rough, both in terms of micro-roughness and macro-roughness. We need to understand how it has aged over the last few years,” he says.

“So there’s not a lot of data, and it’s going to be a big challenge for the teams as well, not just for us, but probably even more so for the teams.”

Officials in Shanghai are also working on new grandstands for the sold-out spectator stands, although some areas will not be ready in time for this year’s race.



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