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Aston Martin: “Pure luck” that Alonso did not also have an accident

Team Principal Mike Krack on the Formula 1 practice opener in Las Vegas 2023, where a loose manhole cover caused a serious accident

A loose manhole cover caused a serious accident for Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz in the first free practice session of the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix. Now Mike Krack, Team Principal of Aston Martin, says it was “pure luck” that Fernando Alonso did not also have such an incident

“We weren’t informed [in advance], but we saw the flags and made the driver aware that there was something on the straight,” Krack explained to Sky. Alonso promptly managed to drive around the damaged area. “But that could have happened to us too,” says Krack.

“Of course, you can say it was a good reaction [by the driver], but things like that can happen to us. We were lucky in that case.”

Krack is then asked whether the stewards at the racetrack should not perhaps show red flags on their own authority in such situations. But that is “difficult to say”, says the team boss.

“If every steward can press red and then something goes wrong, that’s obviously difficult. It is always difficult to react so quickly. I don’t think the race director knew that there was anything wrong either. “

Good early form at Aston Martin worries the team boss

Nonetheless, Aston Martin only received positive feedback from the drivers on the first day of driving in Las Vegas. “That worries me a little,” says Krack. “If you’re happy on Friday, then it usually backfires afterwards.”

“But seriously, it was a good session yesterday. We had a great plan, we worked through everything. We also took one more set of tires than others with the softs. So maybe we are a bit better in the final ranking than we should be, but we are confident.”

Both Aston Martins had finished in the top 8 at the Las Vegas opener: Alonso had done better in third than Lance Stroll in eighth position in the second free practice session.



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