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After the death of Diawusie: FC 24 players take advantage of FUT item

Some FUT players in EA SPORTS FC 24 are trying to profit from the bronze item of the deceased Regensburg professional Agyemang Diawusie. A reaction from the developer is still pending

SSV Jahn Regensburg had to announce “terrible news” on Tuesday: Midfielder Agyemang Diawusie passed away at the age of only 25. “The Jahn family mourns with the bereaved and our thoughts are with Agyemang’s family, relatives, close friends and companions. Due to the terrible situation and out of respect for his family, we ask that their privacy be respected,” the Upper Palatinate team’s statement reads.

But where on the one hand there is grief, some football Ultimate Team players in EA SPORTS FC 24 are showing a different face. Namely that of greed. The bronze item of the former Regensburg professional was bought and put back on the transfer market at a much higher price. Whereas the midfielder’s item previously cost an average of 200 coins, this price has now risen to 6,000 coins. Here and there, there are also individual cases where the maximum sum is demanded. This is 10,000 coins

Diawusie item is not an isolated case

After Diawusie’s death, it can be assumed that EA SPORTS will remove the card from the packs. However, anyone who owns an item can still set it up – and this is exactly what the sellers want to exploit. Anyone who might want to buy the card as a souvenir will be asked to pay. Incidentally, this is not the first incident of this kind. Similar practices have already been observed following the deaths of Davide Astori, Junior Malanda and Miguel Van Damme. In the case of the latter, the publisher reacted and adjusted the price range.

In the context of Diawusie, EA SPORTS has yet to react – both with regard to the packs and the price range on the transfer market. The fact that this is necessary at all once again puts part of the local community in a bad light



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