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After fuss over jersey request: Klinsmann counters critics

Even after his first victory as South Korea’s national coach, Jürgen Klinsmann continues to receive criticism. A Welsh jersey also contributes to this

Gue-Sung Cho of FC Midtjylland gave Jürgen Klinsmann his first win in his sixth game as South Korea’s national coach on Tuesday. But Klinsmann’s 1-0 win over Roberto Mancini-coached Saudi Arabia in Newcastle did not silence the critics.

Klinsmann’s apparent request for Welsh captain Aaron Ramsey’s jersey after the 0-0 draw with Wales in Cardiff had already caused a stir the week before – a meal ticket for South Korean fans and media who have been critical of Klinsmann’s work for months.

“It was for the physiotherapist of my son’s team in Los Angeles,” Klinsmann told English media representatives after the Saudi Arabia match. “But to be honest, I don’t understand why that should be a reason to criticise anything. I just don’t understand it because my son even received critical comments on his Instagram account, which is absolutely stupid. “

After the match, Klinsmann makes a surprise appearance in South Korea

After the Newcastle performance, Klinsmann made a surprise appearance in South Korea, although he had originally wanted to stay in Europe to watch some South Korean players. Asked why he had changed his mind, the 59-year-old told domestic journalists, according to the AFP news agency: “Because you asked for it!”

Accordingly, the national football association had asked him “if it would be possible to come here with the rest of the team to see you, so I changed my plans and I will watch two games here, no problem,” said Klinsmann, who has been in office since February but still lives in California, which truly does not go down well everywhere in South Korea.

Despite the ongoing turmoil, Klinsmann recently expressed satisfaction with developments with an eye on the Asian Cup in Qatar in early 2024. “It’s important that everyone builds a positive atmosphere – the fans, the media and of course the team,” he appealed. “If things are not going well, there is enough time to criticise or sack the coach or whatever you want to do. “



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