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Seoane fears for injured Cvancara: “Everything is possible”.

Joker Tomas Cvancara played an important role in Borussia Mönchengladbach’s comeback against SV Darmstadt. That the striker could start was open due to an injury – and is now an issue again.

Duplicity of events: Before and after the match at promoted Darmstadt, Gladbach coach Gerardo Seoane had to talk about his Czech striker Tomas Cvancara, or more precisely his ankle. What had ended reasonably well before the 3:3 might now have become worse again.

Cvancara had been substituted during the Foals’ comeback at the break and was involved in a decisive duel shortly afterwards. After this, Darmstadt defender Matej Maglica was sent off with red for a handball and a penalty was awarded to the Seoane team.

Cvancara had missed it miserably, but the Czech still scored and set up another goal. His coach had to explain beforehand: “Tomas twisted his ankle in his first game with the national team and has a slight capsule injury in the ankle area.

“Strong blow on same foot” for Cvancara

This same ailment seems to be causing problems for the new signing again. Cvancara is said to have taken “a strong blow on the same foot” according to Seoane.” The 23-year-old was “on the bench” after the draw, his coach explained at the final PK.

Although the striker had limped off the pitch with a bandaged thigh, Seoane made it clear that the already damaged ankle, including the capsule injury, had been affected again: “It’s very painful and needs clarification. Anything is possible there.”

A call-up against RB Leipzig for Cvancara on Saturday appears questionable.

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